Roberts Salon & Day Spa

Roberts Salon & Day Spa Greenwood, IN 46142
August 29, 2017 – 08:29 pm
Irvin Roberts Salon & Day Spa: Celebrating 5 Years of Beauty with
Used to Be Great - What happened?

NEVER AGAIN will I go to Robert's Salon. I used to travel an hour from my hometown to this place because the quality of haircare was outstanding and the prices were affordable. Another move and a bout of illness prevented me from visiting like I normally would for a great cut or highlight, but I managed to finally get back in there when I was able. Then I noticed things started to change. The mood around there was negative and the girls working in there seemed very stressed. It had become too noisy, not serene like a spa should be, and just not so nice. Poor service and the "I don't give a (you fill in the blank)" attitude from the staff really deserved the attention of a complaint to a manager, but quite frankly I was irritated and wanted to get out of there. I let it slide. Finally, though, this came back to haunt me when my own stylist said a few things that were personally offensive and inappropriate. I did not complain, but I should have. I left there and was thinking, "Wow, I should have seen this coming - this place is ate up!!" I NEVER went back to "P" or Robert's ever again. I dropped about $1500 a year for all my services and products (not including the tips) - not that any of that mattered from their perspective - their customer service was completely gone - but it was the principle of the matter and the fact I would invest my time, money and devotion to this place (I was a customer for 15 years). Very sorry it ended up negatively, but on a positive note I have a stylist somewhere else, closer to home who is just as good and always leaves me feeling good - inside and out!

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