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March 24, 2022 – 11:42 am
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I absolutely loved this Salon! For one, it was absolurely gorgeous. I loved the sleek look of the place. My haircut was amazing! I had been so worried about getting a haircut after my last one was so bad. (It was at JC Penny, not here) Ashley did an amazing job. I am so happy with my new haircut

Heard a few raves about a new salon... Located on 1488 just west of 45 tucked back in the Dosey Doe strip mall. Salon has mod, simple n easy vibe, 8 chairs (4 on each side) and impeccably clean . It's a tad funky upon entering as you literally walk into the middle of the work area until you're directed towards reception desk mid back. Owner Tony Do was the talent and his staff - be it to wash, sweep, add color, blow dry - was in it to assist when and where needed. What I liked - Tony was passionate, seemed to care and was honest about what would and would not work ..he seemed to know his craft. He was on time and efficient and the beverages were a nice touch (and the dual blow out was beyond great) What I was iffy about - whether in a posh big city salon or a sweet podunk country salon, I've never been a fan of a stylist (let alone owner) split their time between my scheduled appt and other Clients, especially walk in's .. (who does that any more?) The downside for me were the walk ins, informing owner of basic hygiene 101 n to exchange the comb he was about to use on me for a clean one (I literally watched that comb being used on another client n and the whole time I'm screaming in my head .. oohh no.. no .. no...he's not gonna do what I think he's gonna do is he?!) And finally .. i don't remember the last time I left a Salon with stripes vs. highlights. To wrap up - Cut/color n highlight without gratuity came to $135 (I always wonder how they figure the ++ on top of their suggested rates). That was my experience in a nutshell...Will I give it another whirl? Nope...

Okay so here we go again another review for a new stylist since leaving Cali. I can't say enough about this Salon and Tony and all of the girls there. My hair hasn't looked this great since leaving Ca. Toney is so advanced in his knowledge of hair color. Finally a stylist that knows what to do and what looks best on me. Thank you so much Tony for my awesome color, I LOVVVVVVEEEE IT!

I love my new haircut. Tony is extremely talented and amazing. His staff was also nice and friendly. Complementary wine is a nice touch. I highly recommend this place.

Would never go to anyone else to take care of my hair but Tony. He has been doing my hair for years . I will drive out of my way to get there. Others in different states have cut my hair and it just doesn't compare. He is a true professional and knows hair. You definitely get a lot for what you pay for. Try them out you won't regret it!

Today was my very first appointment with Tony Do. From beginning to end, my time at Modern Salon was fantastic! I've never had my hair highlighted, cut, and styled in such a short amount of time and it is also the best my hair has ever looked. I'm very particular about who works on my hair as I went to the same stylist for 20+ years prior to moving to Houston. But now that I have found Tony, I know where I'll be staying! Thank you, Modern Salon!

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