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The Road You Choose
May 30, 2022 – 05:27 am
Maureen Corich (@ClassyCorich) | Twitter

There are many industry paths you can take, but in the salon, the five primary ones are hairstylist, colorist, esthetician, nail technician and makeup artist. Each requires different technical skills and offers variations—or even cross-overs, like moving from makeup to skincare. For some, such as cutting, you’ll find tons of online education; others, such as hair coloring, tend to lend themselves to more hands-on classes. But in all cases, the more you learn and the more you practice, the more proficient you’ll be.

To help you travel the high-speed success train, we asked experts in each of the five emphasis areas to share the skills needed to advance, add their expert advice and contribute business-building tips. Combine these with your passion and as much advanced education as you can manage, add a mentor and stay the course, and your path to success will be a sure one.


It’s what you went to school for. Here’s how to make it all pay off. Eric Fisher owns three Eric Fisher Salons and an academy in Wichita, Kansas, and is the creator of Prosper U: a business training program that’s used by 20 other schools. He knows how to succeed and how to help others do the same.

His best advice for beginners is to find a great salon with a structured training program, come in early, stay late and practice, practice, practice.

“Where you focus determines where you get results, ” Fisher says. “Don’t define yourself by mistakes; work through them and stay focused on your career.”

Structured training and classes are best augmented with a mentor. Find one by networking at local shows. Consultation, communication and business skills are as important as technical ones, says Robert LaMorte, owner of Robert Jeffrey Salon in Chicago. LaMorte also points out that you might need different mentors for each skill.

As you grow, develop a taste level and the ability to know what looks good on an individual. Analyze face shapes and haircuts in magazines. For instance, a wide neck looks better with a round shaped cut, while a skinny neck looks better with a square-shaped one, Fisher says.

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