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July 23, 2017 – 12:06 pm
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11156 Antioch Rd
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 341-1976

I had a hair cut from Brianna this morning and I am very pleased, the staff, in general, is cordial and friendly, I plan to go back to this salon for next service.

I got a Keratin Treatment done here, not the express one that they also offer. Exceeded my expectations!! I got my hair done by Paige and she was soooooo sweet and talked to me the whole time throughout the treatment(2hrs). I'm Puerto Rican and my hair is extremely curly and wavy. If I brush my fingers through my hair once, that section proofs up! I thought what the heck I'll do the straightening treatment with my favorite salon. I also see another girl that rents a room there known as Mahsa who is my go-to eyebrow girl. She's absolutely damn killer in her eyebrow game. Seriously. So I thought maybe I'd give my hair a chance at this place and I don't regret it. I'm mad at myself I didn't go sooner. I waited he full 72hrs which is horrible btw, if you are like me.. the greasiness.. I almost rather someone shave my head than touch it, it was so gross. It was worth every hour of wait. I got out of the shower and let my hair air dry for about an hour. I notice my hair wasnt curling and briefly looked down and almost jumped out of my skin looking at how pin perfect my hair was. I looked at the mirror and called stop laughing. A happy laugh because my hair was so beautiful. The first thought was I want to jump into a lake and show off how my hair dries off naturally. Thank you so much, Paige. I'll see u again in 6months.

My hair has never looked better than today after an appointment with Kara Everett. Thank you, I will see you again in four weeks.

Straight asian hair is hard to cut. I happen to know, because I've had to deal with it my whole life. It doesn't style easily and has to be managed in a few styles that don't make you look silly (as an aside, I've always wondered how my 50% Chinese ancestry totally owned this genetic battle. My Irish and German side must have been out drinking together when they called the alleles for hair). I spent my first year in Kansas City wandering from salon to salon. Each time I called I would ask if they had someone who could cut Asian hair. Each time they claimed they could, and each time, I had a "one-day stand" with a stylist. Allison from 435 South turned me on to the deft scissors of Trevor and his amazing, attractive, and effective (the English major in me would love to spell that last word with an "a" for the alliteration but that would be the wrong form of that word) staff at Encounters. My men's haircut always starts out with an awesome and relaxing shampoo, and is followed by the beverage of my choice while Trevor works his magic and a bunch of black hair falls over the floor (it grows so damn fast!). I consider myself mostly a KCMO person, but Antioch and College is not too far from my house, and with my scheduling now down to a science since I've been here for two years, appointments aren't hard. I know I wrote this Yelp with the "straight-haired Asian" market in mind, but you can have lots of hair or no hair, have it straight or curly, I think you'll have same great experience that I do.

I had an appointment with Kara today (first time switching salons in 6 years). Even though I kept her there late, she took the time to show me tips with my straightener and go through different products with me! She also did a great job waxing my eyebrows. And my hair looks fabulous! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

To start, I saw Jennifer and she was absolutely amazing. I have enough hair for about five people and it is wavy and prone to frizz, not even exaggerating, and she was able to give me the cut that I wanted in a way that controlled the mess that I call my hair. I love my haircut, and it even looks good when I don't do anything with it. I don't get my hair cut often because I have pretty much given up on it ever looking reasonable; this is, hand down, the best my hair has ever looked. The entire experience with the stylist was a win. I also took my mother-in-law who had her hair done by Sarah. She also can't say enough about how much she loves her hair cut. Sarah took the time to show her how to style her hair and it looks fantastic. If you're looking for a stylist that can tame the most unruly hair, either of these ladies will fit the bill. This would have easily been a 5-star experience if it were not for a few small issues that really don't have anything to do with the stylists; first, they do not allow you to put tips on credit/debit cards. They only accept cash and checks for tips. Who carries cash or checks on them in 2012? For the love of all things holy, if you haven't gone before, TAKE CASH WITH YOU. Second, the prices on their website apparently need to be updated, because they currently list the whole cut and style shebang as pricing up to $65. My hair cut ended up costing more than that. Not a big deal, especially since I had a $15 off certificate for being a first time customer, but I like to know what to expect when I go somewhere. And lastly, they need better air filtration, when I first walked in the smell from someone having their nails painted was strong enough to give me an instant headache. Fortunately there was only one person getting their nails done while I was there so the scent dissipated after about 10 minutes and the rest of the visit was fine. So that is that, 5 star stylists in a 3 star environment, we'll split the difference and call it 4 stars.

Let me just start by saying I'm EXTREMELY picky on my hair and scared to do anything too crazy. I got a groupon before my trip out of town and was able to get squeezed in by Jennifer. She listened to what I wanted and explained to me what would work best (did I mention I'm the anti girl when it comes to hair?) She got me set up with something that would work for my hair and make me happy. The cut was great, the color looks great, I will definitely be back to see her again!

Mahsa and Shoku are the brow waxing dream team. I came to Shoku after a disastrous tweezing incident and she fixed them right up. Her daughter Mahsa is just as talented and extremely sweet and welcoming. I wouldn't trust anyone else to wax my brows :)

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