Dun artie Salon and Day Spa

Dun Artie Salon & Day Spa
March 21, 2018 – 03:40 pm
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I received a gift certificate for a Swedish massage. The place was clean and the sauna was nice but small, only fits one person comfortably. However I was not impressed with the massage at all. I told her I where my problem areas were and that I preferred hard pressure but that is not what I got. Overall the massage was soft and she didn't spend time on the areas that I told her were bothering me. And just when I thought "finally, she is doing my upper back and shoulders" the massage as over. Also I did not get a "spa feel." And they are also over priced. I won't be returning for any other services

DO NOT GET YOUR EYEBROWS THREADED HERE!!! For one, they charge $20 when it should only be $10! And two, the girl doesn't even know what she is doing!! I feel bad because she is sweet, but I'm really upset about how poor my service was and the fact it wasn't finished. I don't ever usually get anything done to my eyebrows so there wasn't a lot to do. My main concern was in between my eyebrows, which she didn't tell me until after cleaning up my natural eyebrows that she was unable to thread between my eyebrows because she is not good at it. So she started plucking a few and at that point I was pretty upset because I could've plucked to them myself and not paid $20 or wasted my time. So save yourself time and money by going to a mall or plucking yourself! . I'm sure this company is good and other areas and I don't blame the girl for the service.. I completely blame the company for not hiring a professional..

I bought a somewhat expensive massage for Valentine's Day for my wife. When she went for the massage the girl put the minimal energy into it and basically gave her a skin rub. I've heard similarSpace results from several friends. By the way, with a balance of her gift certificate she got her hair done. From what she said this was no different than any other salon in town but more pricey.

I've been to this day spa several times over the past 5-6 years. Every time I go, the service gets worse and worse. I have had everything from a facial, to a pedicure, to a spray tan and NONE have been great other than the 1st massage I had there YEARS ago. My last visit included the ladies talking loudly as they walk down the hall. Or one lady would be in one room and yelling across the hall to another lady in another room. Needless to say, this was not enjoyable or relaxing. My entire facial I could hear them opening and closing the doors LOUDLY. Just very unpleasant and unprofessional. I will not longer patronize this establishment. I even had money on a gift certificate that I let expire if that tells you anything.

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