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Local entrepreneur brings salon to Oconomowoc
February 17, 2017 – 01:17 pm
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Sabrina Roethle of Domani On The Lake chats with customer Krista Schmitt during a Tuesday hair appointment. Jake Meister/Enterprise Staff

OCONOMOWOC While there are certainly other businesses offering hair and beauty services in Oconomowoc, Tricia Voight would like to think hers offers something unique.

This confidence in her service is part of the reason Voight chose Oconomowoc as the home of her latest business endeavor: Domani On The Lake.

A two-suite space leased out of the historic Queen Anne building at 317 North Lake Road, Domani On The Lake offers full hair, nail and makeup service. This model isnt at all foreign to Voight she has owned and run a more expansive operation, Domani Salon & Spa, at 1149 Boughton St. in Watertown since 2006.

The Watertown operation has 14 hair stations, a nail room, a spa that offers facials, massages, body waxing, eye lash extensions and hair extensions.

Voight believes Oconomowoc is in need of a a full-service spa experience, but those services are not yet being offered at her new location. She does hope those services could be brought to Domani On The Lake in the near future.

Despite offering all of these services in the Watertown community that is relatively nearby, Voight isnt concerned her new and old operations will clash with each other when it comes to clients. She said Oconomowoc residents dont head to the Watertown operation as much because people living in this community tend to head east if anywhere. She said she also has a happy group of repeat clients in Watertown.

In addition to seeing potential for full spa services in the community, Voight said there is a unique energy in Oconomowoc and that she wanted to take advantage of that vibe.

Whatever that energy is, it has meshed well with the new business. Voight has one other employee, Sabrina Roethle. Voight said she had planned on bringing in another stylist three months after opening, but the early business Domani has gotten has encouraged her to hire a new stylist sooner.

A comfort thats palpable

Voight said she wants each customer to feel comfortable the moment they enter Domani. To accomplish this, Domani provides a hot towel and tranqulity welcome, which includes personalized therapy and a slight shoulder massage.

Domani isnt intended just for women. Voight said men who get haircuts are given a warm towel with mint oil, a slight facial massage, a cool mist spray and facial moisturizer.

In addition to providing space for Voight, the Queen Anne building is also the home of Divine Salon and Day Spa, which is owned and operated by Darlene Cullinane. Darlene and her husband, David, own the Queen Anne building.

Divine started as a small boutique salon suite offering expert comprehensive hair services with over 25 years of experience in the salon industry. Recently, Divine reached an agreement to expand salon services to Domani, a Watertown- based Salon looking to add an Oconomowoc location, David Cullinane explained. The two salons operate independently but cooperatively, offering a comprehensive line of hair, nail, makeup and special event professional services in a turn-of-the-century historic building in a serene lakeside setting.

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