Concepts Day Spa and Salon

May 30, 2022 – 05:27 am
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I've only been for the massage services but they offer everything (hair, nails, etc). Alex has to be the BEST massage person I've ever met. I've beeng having massages for several years (theraputic for injury to neck) and he is the only person I've meet who can help me. I've seen 100's of DR's and chiropractors, but Alex is the only one who can help me. GO SEE HIM - He's amazing. Note - they do not take American Express which to me is just silly. They charge a good amount for their services, so in my opinion they should suck up the amex fee and start taking it. Also - they do not allow you to add on tip to charge or credit. that is insane.who carries cash anymore??

Well, I waited a few weeks hoping I'd hear back from the owner, but I haven't so I guess the situation stands as follows: I bought a LivingSocial coupon (similar to Groupon) for this place. Now I REALLY like my usual nail salon, and have tried a few others over the years that I've liked too. I thought a $25 mani/pedi at a "spa" sounded great (supposed value $59), so I bought one. In short, this is the worst mani/pedi I've ever head: the technician (Rachel) was very sweet & awfully nice, but the whole process was so bungled that I actually looked up her cosmetology license on the MA cosmetology board when I got home, to make sure she wasn't a student (she IS licensed, however the board was unable to verify that the salon is licensed to operate...they're not listed. NICE...). The manicure consited of filing and painting my nails: NO cuticle cutting, not even cuticle pushing, there was NO hand massage, NOT even lotion. SERIOUSLY. Now, I've had literally hundreds of mani's & I know the steps can vary slightly, but this was just simply poor. Next, the pedicure: She CUT my nails down past the tips of my toes, then filed them unevenly, then painted them but got specks of paint on my skin & cuticles...completely amateurish. By the way, this all took place in an ugly closet-type "manicure room". At the end, she left me sitting in the pedi chair while my nails dried, AND I NEVER SAW HER AGAIN! After I sat for about 10 minutes, she hadn't got back so I got up & went out front...she was nowhere to be found so I left her tip with the receptionist. I showed someone my pedicure later & they actually toenails were that crooked & poorly painted. I've called the owner twice since then and no one's called me back. Again, Rachel was VERY nice, but I would NEVER pay $59 for this...I felt robbed paying $25. I can't believe the owners call this place a spa (and since the salon license can't be found, maybe they really shouldn't call themselves a salon, either!).

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