Coldwater Salon & Day Spa

Coldwater Salon & Day Spa
December 11, 2017 – 01:59 pm
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This place was great. About two weeks ago I found them and a couple others. Boyfriend is out here for work and I get to play. I figured a relaxing day at the spa would be nice. I finally made an appointment last week for Friday. Now don't come expecting those really fancy spas that charge a whole body. This place was quaint and very chill. Park in the back it is easier to check in and then leave after paying. I was greeted warmly and then filled out some paperwork. The house that this is spa is located has multiple levels and the bottom floor is dedicated to hair and check in as well as retail. The second floor contains the pedicure/ manicure stations, and massage rooms. The next partial level contains the facial rooms and little ways above I think is tanning and the offices. Stephanie came down and she was going to do my facial. We chatted and found we had a lot of similarities. I was happy about finding that my face was just about perfect. Then Jacob did my massage. It wasn't bad. Though my arms and hands didn't get worked on, but then again I dozed off for a little. He did work on my lower back and shoulders which were my problem areas. He also gave me some tips. Then Rachel took over for the rest of the day. She did my mani and pedi. Then also washed and styled my hair. The hair did start out really curly but by the evening it fell a little and provided some nice curls. I'm probably going to get this wrong but Taja and all the gals have great personalities and I enjoyed my time there. We all chatted and showed pictures. It was a great deal as well $302.00 for the whole 4.25 hours. Only missed out on the light snack as I was starving after skipping breakfast and lunch. I had mentioned that if I lived closer or they were closer to me that I would probably be here a lot. I really enjoyed how friendly everyone was.

Find the place: This place may be hard to find it is in a actual house. There are two parking lots attached to it, one in the front and one behind the building. I parked in the front not knowing customers are to park in the back and I ended up going through the wrong door. I walked through the door and found myself upstairs in the now area instead of downstairs in the lobby. However they were kind and did not poke fun. Atmosphere: this place seems like your average Salon there is hair downstairs, nail care and possibly a massage or spa area upstairs as well, I didn't go into the other rooms upstairs but did see through a cracked door. Service/ professionalism: I would say the two ladies that were working there were very nice however the lady downstairs working was talking loud and complaining about her Verizon phone and other personal matters. The lady who was taking care of me would talk with the lady down stairs by yelling to her from upstairs, not the best professionalism there I would have to say. There wasn't any opportunities for them to sway their guests, no offering of any drinks or offering to hang up my coat, I just decided to put my coat on the back of my chair. The lady taking care of me was nice and made small talk but mostly talked about her personal life. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to talk that day but it left me with a feeling of unprofessionalism. Nail care: I received a gel manicure which was $25. Unfortunately it did not come with a hand massage or any other add-ons it was simply cuticle care, filing of the nails and gel polish. There are a ton of nail polish to choose from. I'd say there was about four racks that held 4-5 rows of regular polish and 3 racks that held 4-5 rows of gel polish. Many of your average nude colors or cool colors, not a ton of glitter or neon or fancy polishes lake metallic or heat/cool changing colors. Overall: my nails came out extremely well, there is one bubble on my right hand however. I may come back but my experience here has not sold me on the place. I do like that the gel manicure was only $25 where some places can get up to $45.

My sister-in-law got me a gift card to Coldwater Salon & Spa for Christmas and I finally used it. I don't know why it took me so long; it's super close to my boyfriend's house. I got a gel manicure (my first one ever) and it was really great. They squeezed me in last minute - right before Valentine's Day - and didn't make me feel like an inconvenience or burden. Everyone was really friendly and I love the way my nails turned out. CS&S is right off of 490 on Manitou Rd. It looks like a house at first but there's lots of parking and the interior is fairly well decorated. They provide a wide variety of services and they seem reasonably priced. I really enjoyed my experience there, I would recommend it.

Before I moved away from Rochester, this was my favorite place for massage. I run and workout a lot and have a bad lower back, so I need good massages. Jacob is the absolute best! I've had a lot of masseurs before who didn't know what they were doing, but Always gives a great massage. Very nice place all around.

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