Changes Salon and Day Spa

Changes Salon and Day Spa
April 19, 2022 – 02:50 pm
Changes Salon and Day Spa – See why we were voted Simply the Best

I never write reviews, whether good or bad but I had to this time especially since I called Amy Jo to discuss this but she would not return my call. I'm new to the area and was looking for someone who specialized in curly cuts. I met with Amy Jo for a consultation and she seemed very comfortable with cutting my hair. The one thing I talked about consistently was I wanted to keep my length. She even said she would start out slow and I can always come back for her to tweak it. She did the exact opposite, she did not hold back and she cut away my length. I went in with hair hanging well below my shoulders and after her cut, I have hair above my shoulders. I've had curly cuts by many people and while the techniques differ, I've never had anyone to seriously compromise my length in order to blend my curls. My guess is Amy Jo just isn't seasoned with cutting more spiral like curls that shrink and for that reason alone she should have been conservative or said she was not comfortable with doing my hair. With a curly cut you come in with your hair as you style it, your hair is cut based on how it falls in its natural state. She actually pulled apart my curls, which caused them to hang longer and I truly believe that's where she made the mistake. Even after I was styled I thought maybe she didn't put enough product on my hair which will cause my hair to drastically shrink. It wasn't until I got home and tried to put my hair up in a scrunchie and was unable to, that I realized what she had done. My hair in the front just doesn't grow much so my guess is I will never get that length back, my back grows faster so hopefully that will grow back but it will take years. Meanwhile, I'm stuck with something I hate and there's nothing I can do about it. You just shouldn't advertise something you are not specialized in doing. Besides her not even calling me back, what upsets me the most is she could have been very conservative and we could have worked together and had me come back a few times to get both of us comfortable with where I needed to be (which is what she said she would do) or just simply trim my ends for a straight cut. I truly believe if she had done this I would be a happy, repeat customer. Instead I'm unhappy, I hate this cut and I can't even wear my hair in all the styles I love, like a long sleek side ponytail. No stylist would dye someone's hair blonde when they asked for jet black hair so why on earth would you cut someone's hair short, when they asked you to leave their hair long? It doesn't matter if it looks right, the point is it's not what they asked for.

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