Bliss hair Salon and Day Spa

Bliss Hair Salon & Day Spa
December 26, 2018 – 07:55 pm
Bliss Hair Salon Woodland Park Co | Hair Super Pesis
Best Cut EVER!!

About a month ago I needed a new style. After trying for a year to get a new style from other salons and walking out with the same hum-drum cut, I decided to splurge and try a higher-class salon.
I made an appointment with Amber at Bliss and was skeptical but attempting to be optimistic.
Amber was AMAZING. We talked the whole time about high school (turns out we went to the same school), love, marriage, and life. The perfect stylist.
She took the time to listen to my concerns and style goals. And she understood off the bat why I couldn't have heavy conditioner or product in my hair, and she never once poked fun or made comments about my thinning hair (believe it or not, I have had some that had).
End result: the best cut I've EVER HAD!!! I have a whole new style, new confidence, and I've had more compliments on my hair cut than ever before.
I'll use Amber from now on.

Salons that failed in the past:
Great Clips and various other $7 - $12 hair salons of this type: Trim only, no re-style
Fantastic Sams: No new style, too much product. Yet charged me like I was in a spa.

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