Allure Salon & Day Spa

Allure De Vie Salon & Day Spa
December 12, 2021 – 04:58 pm
Allure Salon & Day Spa - Gaylord Area Convention & Tourism Bureau
6400 N Northwest Hwy
Chicago, IL 60631
(773) 775-7700

This salon offers great services at a reasonable price. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I would recommend it to family and friends and I also would re-visit.

You know how sometimes you give a business a chance even though they have bad reviews and they turn out to be great? Not this one. I went it for a laser hair removal on my underarm. The older aesthetician did my treatment and she was in such a rush that she randomly swirled the laser around my underarm aimlessly. It got to a point where she kept going over one area and I seriously felt a burning sensation. I yelped and all she said afterwards was, "You survived." Note that I have had the same treatment before with other med spas and they couldnt even compare. Other points to consider before giving them a chance: - the entire lights in the salon were all off except for the "med spa" area. They looked like they were closed - aesthetician doesn't give you any ointment or soothing gel to relieve you of possible discomfort/burns - front desk/aesthetician lady was very nice and tried to be informative

This place seriously has the WORST customer service ever. They are so sneaky and money hungry. The manager will agree with you on a price and then change it and completely deny it when you go to pay. They also mess up your appointment times and move them around without letting you know. Make sure you get everything in writing from them!! They will trick you and do what they can to get the most possible money without caring about their customers. Also, make sure you request the best laser technician because there is one lady who will burn you and do a half assed job. I still have painful burn marks on my elbow from her.

Been here once so far for laser hair removal out of a purchased 6 visit package. Very nice people and a very clean establishment. HORRIBLE to schedule appointments or even get in contact with. Most of the time no one answers when calling and many times the mailbox is full so you can't leave a message. They are booked up for months in advance if you can't make appointments before 5pm (not helped at all by the fact they are so hard to get in touch with) so God help you if you have to reschedule like I did once. I will say that the laser they use is very nice. Not the rubber band type snap that a lot of other places use so that's a plus.

I purchased myself a Groupon for Allure De Vie to celebrate my new job and I was looking forward to a day of pampering. The facility is relatively small, and there was barely enough room for the 5 clients and employees in the especially small "spa" section. The staff are all exceptionally warm and friendly. On to the services. My package included a mani, pedi, massage, facial, and salt scrub. Mani/Pedi- nothing to write home about. The "massage" chair felt like it would explode when I turned it on; it was basically a fossil! An at home mani pedi with the right tools would yield better results. Massage - absolutely phenomenal. The therapist was genuinely kind and listened to all of my requests. Perfect pressure and focused on my shoulders (my "problem" area) Facial - no. Just, no. Albeit I can count on two hands the facials I've had in my life, this was subpar. My skin felt drier and more textured after than it did before. I had to give myself an at home facial to compensate. On the plus side, the facial massage was mind-melting. Salt scrub - um... I didn't get it. I guess they just decided to skip over it and I didn't realize until I had left. The champagne, although cheap, was a nice touch. The strawberries were good, but pass on the chocolate - it truly is just a drizzle of Hershey syrup. I'll go back to use the gift card that came with the Groupon (for the massage, obviously) but after that I think my fling with this spa will come to an end.

I came here for laser hair removal for my bikini and underarm area. My friend recommended the place although she had dark hair and tan skin. I am a blonde with very light skin. The facility is nice however unfortunately they don't know what they are doing here when it comes to laser. There was no consultation at first to even figure out if I was a candidate, they said they're laser can treat any hair color and skin type. Not true. First I paid for 6 sessions that they recommended. I went for about a year doing this. I saw literally no results, maybe a few hairs less. So they recommended I do another 6, of course without any consultation or even refund. They should have let me do these next 6 for free or at least let me see if it works and then I would have paid them. So I wasted another year, went through pain and time. Nothing. At the last session they told me thanks for my service. There was no follow-up. I pretty much threw $600-$700 down the gutter plus tips and I still have all the same hair I had and need to get frequent waxes and/or shave.

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