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4 of the best luxury spas in Phuket to nurture your inner bliss
October 12, 2017 – 11:45 am
Luxury Spas in Phuket - Phuket Spa Guide

Talking about Phuket, 80% of people you talk to relate the city with beautiful beaches and the endless entertaining nightlife. Not everybody knows about Phuket’s more hidden peaceful side, which offers a genuinely luxurious lifestyle with world-class spa treatments and wellness centres. These are our picks for the very best Phuket spas, along with some useful tips for your holidaying convenience.


Mom Tri’s Spa Royale at Kata Noi is the perfect spa for those looking for luxury treatment with a local touch. Here, you can enjoy soothing therapeutic treatments that employ ancient knowledge of Thai remedies to balance body and mind. Natural ingredients like fresh fruits, herbs and unique blends are a signature of this oasis of relaxation.

Visit any of these luxury spas in Phuket to experience another side of the island – one that not only calms the busy or worried mind, but also nurtures your inner serenity. A local tip: you can enjoy any of these world-class spas regardless of whether your accommodation is with the spa or not. Many visitors instead choose to rent beachfront apartments for their luxury conveniences and superb privacy. For those who travel to Phuket often and constantly look for new ways to see the city, the luxury accommodation where you can relax on your own terms could really be an interesting choice.

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